Interactive Map System (K-Assets)

Interactive Map System (K-Assets) Big Motor Show 2014

Interactive Presentation System (ELMA 2016)

Department of International Trade Promotion

Interactive Flip Book system

Lamitak Events (2017)

Blessing Book Interactive

Pen-based signature on Big Touch Screen and store data to print report afterward

Signage presentation system Thailand Mice Forum 2017

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)

Opening Ceremony

Interactive design, National e-Payment: Ministry of Finance (2016)

Video Recording System

Encouraging sharing to social networks at the 100th anniversary of the Thai Football Association - Siam Paragon

Queue Management System

The Crown Property Bureau Version 1&2 (from 2012 - now)

Interactive Games Kiosk

Virgin Active (Thailand) (2016)

Survey Kiosk

System for Kasikorn Bank Booth in Money Expo’2012

Interactive Home Design

Present Design Solution on architects ’60: Siam Yamato Steel

Blessing book Interactive (2015)

Provincial Electricity Authority

Interactive Kiosk (POC)

Digital Signage with Content Management

Interactive Gaming on Stage

Party Events: ITM-EG Mahidol University

Digital Signage (Demo)

Hotel Business

Digital Signage System

Kasikorn Bank Main Stage in Money Expo’12

Interactive Hand-out (POC)

Annual Summary Report, Ministry of Finance

Thailand Exporter Directory CD

Design and create an interactive system to assemble Directory books for Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce

Toyota Interactive Model Product and Specification

Interactive Simulation of Car Equipment & 360 Degree Panoramic Car Model

Digital Signage Multi-screen

Big Motor Show 2014, Kasikorn Bank

Interactive Website

Skywalk Condomedium

Interactive Panoramic 360

Circle 31 Sukhumvit Condominium

CyberShot Interactive CD

Interactive System for Sony Product

Interactive Application with Live Streaming Broadcast

Digital Signage System for Kasikorn Bank Main Stage in Money Expo ’2010

Registration System for Press Conference

Booking and Photo Check-in @The Athenee Hotel

Showroom Virtual 360

Interactive Tour with Shooting Photo Production : Sony

Customer Mobile Kiosk

Ordering Beverage and Membership Service

Interactive Presention on Main Stage

Money Expo 2015 : EXIM Bank

Interactive System “How to work e-Student Loan”

Student Loan Fund

Interactive Gaming on Stage

Big Motor Show 2014, Kasikorn Bank

Interactive System (TAPA 2016)

Department of International Trade Promotion

Digital Signage (Demo)

Hotel Business

Interactive CD : Models for Thai houses

Rajamangala Institute of Technology Uthentawai Campus

Interactive Kiosk

Savings and Credit Cooperatives: Chulalongkorn University

Interactive Dashboard System (RHVAC 2015)

Department of International Trade Promotion

Open Ceremony on Stage : Service Plan 2561

Ministry of Public Health

Interactive System (Poster)
Interactive Survey System "Elderly Bank"

Government Saving Bank

Develop applications, Take pictures, Share via Facebook,

Virgin Active (Thailand) (2016)

Advergaming: Matching Game

Big Motor Show 2014

Interactive CD for Diplomat

Volvo Thailand


Develop Car Racing Game: Animax Asia Design Official Website Initial-D Television Program at Hong Kong and Philippine


Develop TV Program Website: Animax Asia Design Official Website Initial-D Television Program at Hong Kong and Philippines

Presentation of Seminar

Roche Company (Thailand)

Interactive Challenge Game

World Cup 2006: Samsung (Thailand)

Develop and design websites

Laurier (Thailand)

E-Survey System

Betagro Group

E-Magazine Online

College of Public Administration, Burapha university

Live Report Website for Equestrian Sport: SEAGAMES 2007

Thailand Equestrian Federal

Re-coding Thailand Official Site

Smirnoff Thailand

Drink Ordering System

The Blacklist Event: Black Label

Digital Banner Christmas Events 2013

Kasikorn Bank @Central World

Interactive Digital Signage “Loy Kra Tong Festival”

SCG Group (Display in Big Screen 10 x 3 M.)

Interactive Presentation System (ELMA 2017)

Department of International Trade Promotion

Vayupak Quiz

Interactive Survey : MInistry of Finance

Interactive WebTV System

Fiscal Policy Office

Interactive Webcase System

Ministry of Finance

Interactive Kiosk Money Expo 2016

@Muang Thong Thani

Interactive Kiosk Money Expo 2014

@Muang Thong Thani